Meet the original Recipient: Shurod Swift
One of Our Own is a non-profit organization that assists Gwinnett County Bus Drivers who are dealing with Cancer and other major illnesses.  Each year we select recipients from among our ranks who have been struck by Cancer or other serious illnesses, to offer financial assistance with qualified Medical Expenses related to their treatment but not covered by health insurance. 

Shurod Swift was selected as the program's first 2016-2017 One Of Our Own  Recipient .

Shurod currently serves as Gwinnett County Public Schools Transportation Supervisor for Zone 038.  He is pictured at right with his family.  Shurod was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in 2017, shortly after assuming the role of Supervisor in the local school system system.   Please read below for a very personal statement directly from Shurod:

"I had no idea when I picked up the phone on June 13, 2016, that this would be the call that changed everything.  With that call came the diagnosis that would split my life into 'before' and 'after'.

Before the call, I had found and married the love of my life, Bylan.  Bylan also works in Gwinnett County Public Schools as an Assistant Principal.  One of the most incredible gifts that we share is her wonderful daughter, Olivia.

Just two short weeks before the call, I was promoted to Transportation Supervisor.  It was the kind of job you aspire to reach from your first day with the company.  For the past five years I have wanted that job.  I had a plan, and each move I made in my career was executed with the title "Transportation Supervisor" in mind.  I can say that if I had won the lottery, I still would have shown up at work the next day.  I felt so unbelievably blessed; I was finally content with my life.

That feeling was short lived. The doctor confirmed our worst fears, CANCER.  Not just any cancer, but a rare aggressive form of lymphoma.

At first, I was in denial.  This couldn’t be happening to me, they must have made a mistake.  Then came the anger and self-pity.  I had just gotten the job I had worked so hard to attain and now, a mere two weeks into it, I would stand in my first meeting as Transportation Supervisor and explain my diagnosis to my team with more questions than answers.  Could I continue in this job and receive treatment?  Would I physically be able to do both?  Would being in such close contact with children result in an infection that would derail my treatment?   I am responsible for 30 Bus Drivers and the safety of more than 1,500 precious children twice a day.  They require and deserve my full and undivided attention. In spite of circumstances and with the support of my Managers, my Team Leaders, and my Bus Managers, we made it work and became more united in our efforts.  I have spent the last several months undergoing cancer treatment.

Today, by the grace of God, I am clear of cancer.  I am waiting for the latest test results, but everything is going better than anticipated.  What an honor to be the impetus for “One of Our Own”.  It is an indescribable blessing to watch such good come from adversity."    
                                                                                                                                                                       - Shurod Swift